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Recovery Dog: is a kind and playful boy. Unfortunately he has a congenital eye disease called progressive retinal atrophy, which basically means he's going blind. So he may seem a little jumpy and skittish, but just try to approach him from the front, so he can see you coming. He loves pats and snuggling on the couch.


First Mate: I have been in recovery since 2012. I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope with all who come to Rainbow Lodge.  

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Facilitator: I knew I wanted to develop programs for Rainbow Lodge from the first moment I saw it. Not only is the water healing and nature serene, but the Lodge is also a rare space that encourages letting go the business that consumes our lives. This environment provides a chance to unplug from what is on the surface to reflect on our lives and develop a solid vision for  

staff biographies

Joe Mclean

Blair Younghusband

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Recovery Dog: is a big and lovable boy. Voted the friendliest dog on the lake three years running. He will try to convince you that he hasn't eaten in days, but don't believe him. We are trying to keep him as slim as possible, so no treats please. If you need somebody to talk to Chewy is a good listener.

our future. To play in nature helps us identify ourselves as part of the interconnectedness of life. 

I am a lively and experienced group facilitator and coach. I work in an oppression informed manner. I love watching people and groups make gains towards their goals, and I am present and accountable for the setbacks. I work from a heart centered approach which allows for individuals and groups to gain their self-identified autonomy over the change they want in the world. 

In the recovery skills development of the program, I have added Mindfulness Practice and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy components. These added elements help round out anyone's recovery practice giving a deeper connection to self while adding a coping skill set for life issues. I believe that because we are complicated people we need multi-faceted approaches to recovery and healing.

Captain:  It is my wish to give back and to share Rainbow Lodge and its beautiful surroundings with the recovery community. Rainbow used to be my place to isolate and drink. Since 2012 I have been changing the memories of Rainbow lodge. The lodge is now a place of recovery.  I look forward to the official opening of the Rainbow lodge Recovery Retreat. I hope the summer of 2017 is filled with smiles, laughter and hope.

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