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Rainbow Lodge is not a hotel or resort. You come to Rainbow Lodge and become part of the crew. You help with the dishes and meals, you keep your room clean and tidy, you do chores around the property, you are kind and respectful of other guests, you try your best to adhere to all of the spiritual principles but most of all you have fun in recovery...

Rainbow Lodge is almost 65 years old. It is a comfortable and rustic setting. It is a very secluded and peaceful place. There is wildlife through out the property including mice, snakes and bears. Our two resident dogs, Chewy and Riley are very friendly and love pats and treats. Since Rainbow Lodge is isolated we are completely self sufficient relying on our own solar and diesel power. The kitchen and hot water is propane powered ; bathing is suggested in the lake but short hot showers are available.

Smoking is permitted but only in the designated smoking areas 

The property is located in Rainbow (as known by locals) which is the most calm and warm part of Powell Lake. Rainbow Lodge is situated on 105 acres and surrounded by 5700 feet of water front.